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Nelly DeVuyst Organic Skincare

Organic luxury
Scientific Results
Nelly DeVuyst uses only the finest natural raw materials gathered from carefully chosen sources throughout the world  All selected botanicals are grown while respecting nature and are guaranteed to be free of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

An extensive array of plant extracts and essential oils are obtained fron Ecocert certified botanical species.

Natural Ingredients

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Organic Botanicals
  • Growth Factors
  • DNA
  • Biopeptides/Pentapeptides
  • Marine Extracts& Seaweeds
  • Essential Oils
  • and more…

We carry a great selection of Nelly Devuyst products. Contact us for a free skin care consultation.

Skeyndor Scientific Skincare

SkeyndorSkeyndor is the No. 1 skincare brand in Spain and is today rated as one of the top fifteen cosmetic brands in the world. The brand is present in over 45 countries.

SkeyndorSkeyndor Skincare provides a range of advanced skin care products designed to aid in repairing damaged skin.

Reveal Laser is very excited to be the first center in Western Canada to offer the Timeless Prodigy line

This prestigious line is a game changer in the skin care industry.  Timeless Prodigy was developed with the latest Multigenic Technology, and is capable of turning back the clock in your skin. (a new dimension in cosmetics which stimulates youthful genetic expression, slows down cellular aging and helps them recover their youthful state)

Try it today- you will be glad you did.  This one product will take the place of your serum, day cream and night cream.

Timeless Prodigy Serum (for oily to normal skin)

Timeless Prodigy Cream (for normal to dry)

We also carry the following Skeyndor products:

Corrective products:

  • Eye expression line erase
  • Instant wrinkle filler cream
  • Instant Lip contour filler

Global Lift Products:

  • Global Lift face and neck cream
  • Global lift eye cream
  • Global lift contour elixir face and neck
  • Power Hyaluronic Cream (Dry Skin)
  • Power Hyaluronic Emulsion (Normal to oily)
  • Power Hyaluronic Booster serum
  • Power C Cream (Dry skin)
  • Power C Emulsion (Normal to oily)