We’re always up to date with leading-edge skin care treatments and products. Our clients can rest easy in knowing that whichever skincare line we carry, there’s much research involved before making these important decisions. We are extremely proud to carry both AlumierMD and Clayton Shagal skincare, and Ethica haircare.


AlumierMD is one of the fastest-growing medical-grade skincare brands, delivering Clean Science products and solutions to clients of all skin types. They believe in creating products in a socially responsible way with the latest advancements, and integrating innovation and education while doing so.

AlumierMD products contain medical-grade active ingredients that are selected and clinically tested by top scientists. The implementation of the ingredients used ensures that a variety of skin types can be corrected. Treatment plans and homecare products are delivered with the expertise.

Clayton Shagal

The Clayton Shagal brand is the source of its success and has built an excellent reputation over the years. The brand began with the development of the Collagen Gel composed with a 99% pure non-hydrolyzed acid-soluble collagen. This is the purest form of collagen ever extracted, allowing for penetration through the skin all the way to the dermis without any need for injections.

La Maison Clayton Shagal is an innovative Canadian company that combines passion and expertise in research and development. They believe in giving your skin the very best: the perfect blend of nature and science. These high-performance products have been created with superior-quality active ingredients for all ages and skin types.


Deep within our scalp, each hair grows from an individual follicle. The goal is to keep the skin on your head healthy so that our hair can continue to be produced at its maximum potential. The healthier our scalp, the healthier our hair.

We all have routines to help maintain our youth, more intense workouts, stricter skin care regimens, and eating habits adjustments for a slowing metabolism. But what about our hair?

As we age, our hair production slows, the texture becomes “thinner”, a reduction in keratin makes hair feel coarser and drier, and pigment cells stop working which causes our hair to turn a distinguished gray.

Good for all hair types! Don’t forget about anti-aging for your hair and scalp. Ethica promotes hair growth, strengthens, and restores a healthy balance.